Feed your Face !

12 Apr

Hi dolls !!

I started reading “Feed Your Face” about 2 weeks ago. The book was written by dermatologist Dr Jessica Wu who is an A-list dermatologist now living in L.A. who believes strongly in the practice of how food affects your skin. I love this book because she breaks everything down from how the layers of our skin are formed, how each layer works and how different foods can alter how our skin looks and feels. It’s something I had been curious about for awhile, since meeting a few vegan’s and hearing them rave about how their skin changed so dramatically. I also tried a 10 day dairy free rotation in February, and noticed that my skin had broken out less. Now I don’t have the ability to go vegan, and I don’t think I could give up dairy permanently, however Dr. Wu explains how different fruits, veggies and meats can benefit our skin, how different levels of sugars can cause redness, acne flare-up’s,  rosacea, eczema, rashes, even dandruff! She’s extremely realistic and tells it like it is. She even reaches out to people such as myself who have recently tried or currently taking Accutane medication and caters to how my skin will adhere to different foods, and what to avoid so as not to become dependent on medication which is exactly what I am trying to avoid. She includes a 28 day diet at the end of the book consisting of easy no-fuss recipes and tons of snack ideas which benefit our skin. I love this book, and so far my skin has never felt better. I got the book at Inidgo for $18.99




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