Who’s problems?

12 Apr


Last night I went out with a girlfriend to watch 21 Jump Street and it truly is hilarious and I am now in love with Dave Franco. But this is not the point of this post. I got off work at 8pm, commuting to the theatre 9pm, movie starts 10pm, so I thought I’d kill some time at Indigo because going home just was not an option cause I would be there for a good 10 minutes then have to head out the door. Anyways, while just browsing through the shelves I came across “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. Once I started reading this book I could not stop. This book is HILARIOUS. I recommend you all to read it. It’s definitely a great book to read when you just want to have a good laugh and not worry about real world problems. Here are just a few of Babe’s white girl problems:

– All I want for my birthday is for you to know what I want for my birthday without me having to tell you.

– Who am I, and when did I gain a pound?

– Every job I’ve ever had is the worst job I’ve ever had.

– It’s 5:15. How much weight can I lose by 8:00?

– I need a therapist to talk about the problems I’m having with my therapist.

Let me know what you think! Also, if you have any recommendations for books we should read send them over!

Julie xx


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