Do you Shamballa?

14 Apr


What do Keri Hilson, Justin Beiber and Karl Lagerfeld have in common? Apparently, apart from being extremely talented, they all are in love with the Shamballa bracelet trend that has been spotted everywhere! I’ve noticed them more on men with the classic black or white encrusted “balls”, however all colors have begun to trend on both men and women.

These powerful Shamballa Bands are meant to symbolize peace, tranquillity, happiness and above all – the Oneness of us all. Who knew? I wasn’t too into it at first, until I found this white and rose gold toned bracelet at…Shoppers Drug Mart! I know! It was extremely random, but there it was in a jewelry case calling my sweet sweet name. I went in for deodorant and left with a great accessory that looks phenom beside my MK watch! It cost me $24. How do you feel about the Shamballa trend?



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