Girls Night Out

3 May

So on Saturday night, after a surprisingly busy day at work and no plans to do anything at all afterwards but go home and watch Shrek. I was proposed the idea of hanging out with one of my best friends Miguel and our mutual friend Darrell to quote unquote “Shoot the shit” To me, this means to get together, hang out, maybe have a drink and talk, laugh..etc. However somewhere I knew that there would end up being a deeper agenda to this night, and surely I went home to dress appropriately and head back out. (AKA, not wearing my random cords with funky flats…)
We hit up Joey’s at Eatons’s Centre which I love oh so much. The decor and the service has YET to disappoint. Aly was our server and she was phenomenal. Drinks all around, which is something I shouldn’t be doing, but had a couple in lieu of the company I missed having around so much. A good buzz quickly arrived and we headed out to Smith’s on Church formerly known as Straight night club. Miguel and I had visited about 2 years ago and it’s a pretty small club but it was bumpin and packed ! Great night, and let’s just say the next morning at work, my manager said I looked say the least






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