Tender heart of a beast

3 May


Last week, I had the pleasure of making a new friend and his name is Michael ‘Bull’ Roberts. Some of you must have heard of him. Let me tell you, this man has one tough soul! He shared his story to myself and friends at our youth service. Roberts’ has suffered to a large extent! He’s been physically, verbally and sexually abused by his own family and friends and through that, his life went down a large spiral into drugs, rage, gangs and self-destruction. Roberts stands today to say that through all the struggles he’s been through and trouble that he himself has caused, he ain’t no angel. All he wanted was to feel love. Love that he’s never felt from his family, friends, past lovers, and so forth. But he finally has found love and this love came from God. A love that is so indescribable! A love that you truly need to open your heart and mind to God and you will be overwhelmed with that beautiful feeling, warmth and comfort. Roberts wanted to share his world with society and he did that by writing his book ‘the tender heart of a beast’. Into the second chapter, your already in tears from reading his hardship in his childhood. You should all grab a copy and read the miracle that is his life.

Hope you enjoy!

Julie xx


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