My Week in an Instant

23 Jun


This week has flown by. Lots of free time from work which was just the result of convenient scheduling which has made me a very happy rested girl. More time to write posts and finally get this site live for all of you!
My week consisted of pretty much counting the days til Corain was to head down for a visit, getting my hair done (a lighter shade of red actually) maintaining healthy eating, as well as of course meeting Michelle Phan which I won’t be over for a long time, if ever..Loved it!
The end of June and the whole of July is a very busy and exciting month for me. Toronto Pride begins officially this weekend however I pretty much plan to throw down next weekend right before making a quick visit down to New York for 2 or 3 days. July.16th marks 8 years that Corain and I will have been together and our anniversary is something we both look forward to every year, followed by one my best girlfriend’s birthdays the very next week ! All the while hitting the gym, posing and posting? Phew! Am I ready for this?



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