Long weekends are best.

4 Jul

Hey lovelies!

So this past weekend was a long weekend due to celebrating Canada’s birthday! Not only was it Canada day this weekend but also the final euro cup game between Spain and Italy and I cannot express how much love and excitement that I have that SPAIN won 🙂 but let me tell you this, their streak ends here because BRAZIL will take the world cup 2014! Haha. Plus it was Pride celebrating individualistic freedom!
I started the day off with tanning by the pool, met up with Kathleen and we of course got our nails done, checked out church and wellesey for some pride spirit, shopped at our favourite shop Forever21 and then had some down time at the Everest patio!

Kathleen has been to pride before but this was my first time and man I wish I could have enjoyed it more but the sun truly was beating me up! Hot sun right above me, melting me away! I swear I got heat stroke. Regardless, pride had a bunch of tents up, drag queen performances, promotions, and a lot of people in their bikinis and bathing suits as if they were at the beach, I mean I guess I can’t blame them since I was having a tough time out in the sun.

Anyways here are some photos from this weekend! Kathleen will post her photos soon!








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