First Stop, Paris!

20 Jun

We can hardly wait for our trip! We won’t be able to stay as long as we wish we could, but hey! Who says this will be our last time to Paris?

There are a few stops we definitely have to make during our 5 days in the city of lights, and a lot to look forward to.

As a lover of great coffee, one thing I definitely can’t wait for is waking up to beautiful mornings and French press coffee. Top it off with some fruit and a croissant before heading out to hit those beautiful cobble stone streets? Bliss!

Of course, who could forget Paris’ world renown macarons from Laduree! The website alone is charming, and from what we hear, the store will blow us away with the sweet scent of baked goods, and beautiful colors we aren’t privy to in any normal bakery. It’ll definitely be tough to choose which favors to go for, but the “Rose Petal” flavour seems to be one of the most popular.


Lover’s Bridge. I was once told that the sight of all the couples so madly in love will drive anyone visiting Paris without their significant other completely mad. I look forward to the day both my fiance, but will most likely be husband by that time, can visit and throw away the key to our own little padlock of love. (Too mushy, I know)

Locking padlocks on the fence of Pont des Arts has become tradition for lovers. “Locking your souls” together and throwing the key away as a sign of each other’s love and commitment to one another. This bridge actually crosses from the left bank to the Louvre Museum, and makes for a scenic walk, so why would we miss it? Maybe on your next visit, you’ll catch a glimpse of a padlock of friendship? (hint hint Julie)


Another sighting that cannot be missed and in my opinion (J) is even more special than the Eiffel Tower is a visit to Chateau de Versailles! As someone who is obsessed with the 18th-19th century as I am I cannot wait to set foot on this beautiful Palais and roam the gardens! To see how the decor was back in that era is the biggest highlight for me.


Who can forget walking along the La Seine River! It’s the perfect setting to just sit down, relax and catch up with friends or in our case take a little break from all the exploring. We definitely want to go at night as well just as the scene in Midnight in Paris, where Gil and Adriana took a stroll on a peaceful night in Paris.


This is also a great opportunity for us to practice our Francaise! We both love learning new languages and as Canadians we’ve learned a word or two from schooling as French is our second language. France will definitely be putting us to the test! Haha.

Besides viewing all the major monuments K and I are looking forward to really discovering all the hidden treasures that Paris has to offer! All the lights, the architecture, the desserts and just overall submerging ourselves into the Parisian culture!

À bientôt!




3 Responses to “First Stop, Paris!”

  1. essentjewels June 20, 2013 at 4:09 PM #

    Definitely! So excited for you both.

  2. cravingforbarneys June 20, 2013 at 8:53 PM #

    Wow!! Lucky girls! You should go to Kong in Paris to have a cocktail! And in Barcelona you should visit “mercado de la boqueria” glad you both are visiting Spain, I’m sure you are going to love it!!

  3. ingridbistaco August 5, 2013 at 10:11 PM #

    I really loved this post 🙂

    just because this is my favorite city in the world!!


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