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Zara Lookbook – May’13

10 May

For my Zara addicts.


This is def my favorite outfit from the newest look book. I’m excited to try them on in person, although I anticipate they’ll be too long for me. Hopefully, won’t be too much of a problem to have them hemmed Floral Trousers:$59.50 CAD/Ankle Strap Sandals;$79.90 CAD


Printed Jumpsuit: $59.90 CAD


If you’re looking for a floral blazer, this one definitely rounds out the top 10.

Floral Blazer: $89.90/Tank:$19.90/White Fringe Shorts:$39.90


Lace & Flower Print Shirt:$59.90/White Denim:$39.90


I love this look. I love an outfit that is simply thrown on while still looking chic and feels so effortless. Jacquard Bomber:$99/ Printed Skirt:$45.90


I don’t know how to explain my love for the matching printed top/shirt/blazer paired with the matching short. This one, with the beautiful paisley design is no exception

Printed Blazer:$79.90/ Printed Shorts:$39.90


The skirt.

‘New York” Crop Top:$19.90/Crossover Skirt with Side Zip:$45.90


I mean…it’s just getting better

Blazer:$79.90/Crop Top:$39.90/Shorts with Embroidery:$45.90 (Set also comes in a fuchsia pink)


Crossover Print Top:$59.90/Shorts:$45.90


Over-sized Sweater:$69.90/Suede City Bag:$79.90/Sunnies – check in store


This kimono is everything.

Beaded & Embroidered Kimono:$199/Fringed Shorts:$39.90

For all the new releases, and of course for our Canadian audience to now purchase online (Yay!) Click here

Happy shopping!

– J&K


First Impression – H&M Spring 2013

28 Jan

Happy Monday! Spring is here!

No. It isn’t. I’m sorry about that. We in Canada anyhow, are far from it. Okay..not that far, however it sure does feel that way with the -17 weather we’ve been having lately. I have actually started to feel like a prisoner to my winter jacket – I wake up, I get ready to head out, and I throw on this comforter of a jacket to keep me warm on my commute to the office. I get there, I do my thing, and then I throw the comforter right back on, with gloves, a thick knit scarf, and a beanie to boot! (Yes, it’s THAT cold) I’m proud to say that I’ve taken all the right precautions this season, and have avoided the dreaded cold and flu by keeping warm, eating well and taking vitamin C, however I miss the self-expression! Does anyone know what I mean? I can’t wait to be able to throw on a pair of jeans, a cute top and a blazer, and perhaps a pair of flats! Does anyone remember flats?? Haha……honestly.

Anyhoo, I’ve noticed the new Spring and some of the Summer collection trickling in at H&M, and I wanted to share just a few of my favorite anticipated pieces. Has anyone else already gone out and picked out something for Spring? I know we’re all programmed by now to lust after the pastel shades, flowers, whites, beiges, and the occasional POP of color when Spring rolls around, and will it get tired eventually? Perhaps. But after feeling like a Nona in my feather filled coat day in and day out for 3 months, I can’t wait to rock some of these pieces out. The tassel detailed accessories? That studded vest, and those spring jackets? Yes!

I’m in love with all most of the items from the Spring 2013 collection. I appreciate that H&M has decided to ease into the season by keeping  dark, cool colors such as reds, greens, blues and of course black in a lot of their pieces. This creates a much easier transition from your fall and winter wardrobe into spring and summer; unless of course you’re a big fan of just walking out of your house one sunny day, in an all-pastel concoction as a way of announcing that you have officially left winter behind. (Don’t try this at home)

I’ve even included some of my personal favorites for the boys! That striped-short, baseball cap, sweater combo?? I adore!




hnm6 hnm8

hnm3 hnmmen1 Spring 2013 hnmman3 hnmman4


xox Kathleen

The History Behind Halston Heritage

3 Jan

Hello friends!

Welcome to the new year! How did you celebrate? I’ll tell you how I spent a few hours the day before 2013 officially arrived. I spent it reading all about the history behind Halston Heritage, as I’ve always been interested in what they were about. I have yet to be disappointed in a piece of clothing from Halston. Every time I see a piece on a beautiful woman or blogger (Wendy from Wendys Lookbook rocks this jumpsuit flawlessly here), I find myself wondering how Halston began. Roy Halston Frowick catered to luxurious American fashion of the 1970’s, using some of my personal favorite fabrics such as cashmere, suede and jersey. (Who doesn’t seriously love the soft versatility of jersey?) He is known as the father of minimalism, using simple pared-down silhouettes with flow and movement. His clientelle included such names as Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, and Elizabeth Taylor. Did you know that Roy Halston is the man behind the legendary design of the “pillbox” hat? He actually designed the one Jacqueline Kennedy wore in the 1960’s.


Taking a look at Halston’s Pre-Spring 2013 collection, it’s clear to see why celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker, and Miley Cyrus are fans. Modern design with clean lines, comfortable fabrics, and for lack of a better word – the looseness! All of these pieces are so beautiful in their own way. From the neutral shades to the pops of color – and offer such comfortability in wear. While Halston also caters to those looking for a tight little dress for that night out, I’m sure we can all agree that we love to look chic while not having to worry about sucking it in. (Hello!) halstonps2 I would love to own a piece from Halston Heritage. I am especially loving the orange on orange leather and cashmere combo, as well as that absolutely beautiful sequined jacket. What are your favorite pieces?halstonps4halstonps4halstonps3

Roy Halston Frowick passed away in March of 1990 and his legacy lives on through his team based out of Los Angeles. Check out the rest of the collection and more at Halston.com

xx Kathleen

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