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23 Jan

Hello, hello!

We headed down to College Street a few days ago on what we thought at the time, was one of the coldest days of the year, for a little lunch and window shopping. We were lucky enough to catch the last of the sunlight and got a few shots in with our new Canon T3i camera. What do you think? College Street, quite specifically Little Italy, is one of our favorite areas in Toronto; known for locally owned shops, boutiques and of course restaurants. Some of our favorites are below






One of the best brunch spots I (K) know? – Aunties & Uncles (cheap, cheerful & delicious- on a Sunday morning around 11am? Expect a bit of line up)

How about some of the best corn on the cob you’ll ever taste? La Carnita’s is a must (GREAT street art decor!)

Don’t have much going on Friday night? Head over to Riva Supper Lounge for a fabulous night out with friends! Great place for some Italian cuisine with exposed brick interior, then head to the back room where booths are set up and the DJ plays the best Top 40 and Trance!

Of course, we can’t forget about the best gelato in the city at Dolce Gelato (Cream Cacao for J and Pistachio for K)

Looking to have a cosmo with the girls? Head over to Eat My Martini

Where are some of your favorite spots on College?




On Kathleen

Coat-Top Shop

Dress (old), Blazer & Necklace – H&M

Opaque Tights-Urban Outfitters

Boots-Nine West


On Julie

Blazer – Talula (via Aritzia)

Tee- Jacob

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Bracelet- The Bay (special gift from K❤)

Watch- Michael Kors

Leopard loafers – Bottero (from Brazil)

Purse- Zara (special gift from K❤)


Winter Skin

14 Nov
Hello hello!
Fall is amongst us, with winter not far behind. The leaves are now falling, apple cider is in stock, and the purchasing of leather boots is in demand. With winter only a few weeks away, it brings us harsh winds, a higher heat bill and last but not least DRY SKIN. If you didn’t know before, I’m here to let you know – Your skin loses moisture during the colder months due to the environments we place ourselves in. Outside in the cold air, then right into heated offices and homes. Sleeping soundly is great any day, however dry air from furnaces and heat sources suck moisture from your skin. To keep your skin supple, fresh feeling and healthy; you should change your skin routine up to adjust to the weather changes.
I’m a huge believer in SPF every day, but what about your nightly regime? Are you stripping your skin, or pampering it before bed so you can ensure that moisture is locked in? Not everyone can manage a humidifier in their room, however if you can; this can be one of the best things you can do for your skin during the cold months to maintain a healthy moisture level while asleep. A furnace heated room can hold less than 10 % moisture, whereas your skin should be receiving more than 30% humidity to stay properly moisturized.
 If you shower at night, keep it short and warm, as opposed to long and hot (no pun intended) Lukewarm water is best for showers in general during the winter months followed by a generous application of a moisturizing lotion and nightly moisturizer. I actually also recommend using a serum or oil based product nightly 2-3x a week. I have been teetering from using Nuxe’s 24 Hour Moisture Emulsion to a few dabs of Bio-Oil a few times a week which has done wonders not only for my pigmentation and acne scarring but has left my skin feeling so soft. I picked up both of these products at Shopper’s Drug Mart. In addition to this, I take fish oil. Salmon oil specifically, but taking fish oil and omega 360 supplements do wonders for skin, hair and nails. Of course, remember to drink plenty of water!
What are your best skin care tips during the winter? Let J and I know in the comments
xx K
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